About Dianne


A little bit of history and info of my life for you.

Born in South Carolina to my very southern mother Mary Lou Carr of Virginia farm folks and my army brat father Alexander McCatty. Soon to move north, I grew up on Long Island in the very lovey town of Northport. The downtown Main Street and the beaches were a big part of my life. Studied dance, art, theater… picked up a guitar and started to play. The Lord got a hold of me when I was 16 and  I have walked with Him since that day and never doubted His great big love. I have failed Him but He is faithful.

I danced as part of worship in varied circumstances sometimes well choreographed and many times – in the Spirit – now often referred to as prophetic dance. Through an injury to my knee the dancing career was cut short and not long afterwards the Lord began to give me songs. The creativity just took a different route of expression. In 1990 my mother was leading the charismatic prayer group at the Marian Father’s in Stockbridge. Reluctantly she accepted my offer to help with the music. It was then that the Lord really started using me leading worship and song writing. Since then I have recorded and worked with wonderful friends especially Doreen Newton we call ourselves HiS standing for Heavenly Influenced Songs – singing at church concerts, retreats, Sunday worship, coffee house concerts, secular venues, local TV and radio interviews with live performances, prison ministry… and one of our favorites singing live on the back of a Christmas float! Also since 2011 had some great gigs with my dear friend blues and gospel artist Robin O’Herin. 

I am married with two boys of my own and my husband has two boys also (second marriage for both of us) so between us four boys! We live in Massachusetts and we also lead worship together now and then. Living God Fellowship is my beloved home church.  I love being a mother more than anything else, ever – save only God, they are His gift. My children are beautiful beyond my wildest dreams. There is no song or earthly joy that compares in anyway to journeying through life with them.

Day job = ;  ) multimedia designer diannesteele.com