“Sing to God,

play music to his name,

build a road for

the Rider of the Clouds,

rejoice in the Lord,

dance before him.”

Psalm 68:4 (Jerusalem Bible)

purpose of this blog –

to share music, art, words
to build love & faith & clear the way
to God

The idea of this blog first came when after performing people would come up and in conversation would ask so many questions. Wanting more about the stories behind songs, the scripture supporting a song and how God was using this song and also wanting lyrics or songs not yet recorded. So here is a place online to talk and to have all the music, lyrics, stories, ministry events, artwork… for the more!  After years of prayer and though a series of events,  inner deepening and prophetic revelation here is PsalmStreet.

“Build a highway for the Rider of the Clouds.” Psalm 68:4 This is the scripture that the Lord gave me when I was asking for confirmation and when I read this Word I was overcome. Big Holy Spirit highlighter…

Build the church,
build up the believer,
activate purpose,
open hearts and minds,
Build, restore the ancient ruins.
Build the body of Christ.

Prepare for Jesus return.