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God Sings

Happy Valentines Day from the Lord to you!

Whirlwind Romance Graham Cooke youtube message. Watch and be blessed!
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Song of Victory part 2

This book has been on my mind and heart since 2006 when I completed reading the Bible front to back. The impression that I should be writing has never left me… and I kept questioning if it was a call from God or me just being busy once again. The call seemed to be there. I asked for a clear “sign” or rather 3 signs to continue. I feel silly sometimes asking for signs but, I want to be about God̵
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3 – The song of victory

The 3rd mention of music is a song. The first song in the Bible. This is OUR song ! The song of victory. It is a revelation of who we are and who our Father is. It is impressive to read this first song – everything is in this song.  It is a beautiful and complete confession of faith – ending with the dance of victory and praise. Not only is this the first song but also the first dance. Exodus 15 (New Inte
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2 – A song of emotion

Genesis 31:27 The second scripture that refers to music in the Bible is about a song expressing human affection. The song being a celebration of love, joy and loss. The story itself is interesting… greed, deception, blessing, fleeing, more deception – and visitation from God. Jacob fled for his life after deceiving his father Isaac and his brother Esau, and seeks shelter with his uncle Laban. After 20 yea
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1- Genesis: inventor of musical instruments

Genesis 4:21 Jubal the inventor of musical instruments, the lyre and flute According to Genesis… music is the brother of survival. Noteworthy – In the Hebrew the term “father of”  would generally mean the originator or patron of a class, profession, or art. I think its really amazing that the second profession mentioned here in Genesis chapter 4 verse 21 is he who invents musical instruments.
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Why Create?

“In the beginning God created…” Genesis 1:1 The first five words in the Bible. First before anything else written God created. “…the heavens and the earth.” Genesis 1:1 the next 5 words. It is so much … it is beyond comprehension. Doesn’t it feel good when you add that new spice to a recipe, move a piece of furniture that makes the room come together, solve some mechani
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